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To the Dear viewers of Arutz Meir.
The Arutz Meir Channel disseminates Torah with "love and faith" around the world and in Israel to tens of thousands of followers, in five languages, every day.
The Channel activation costs about 4 million shekel a year and revenues mostly come from donations.
Be a partner in this great mitzvah of "loving the people and bringing them closer to Torah" through a generous donation.
Your contribution will enable the continuation of the study of Torah to hundreds of students in The Machon Meir Yeshiva in Jerusalem as well as to the Arutz Meir Channel viewers around the world.
In this merit may you be blessed from G-d with all the best,
Respect and regards,
Dov Begon.

Your contribution is tax deductible according the Israeli tax law 580015618
Your donation is considered "Maaser Ksafim" (Tithe) according to Jewish Law.

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  • Deposit in "Bank Hadoar" account number 4161793
  • Deposit in Bank Mizrachi #20, Branch 539
    IBAN: IL19 0205 3900 0000 0128 018
  • Monthly deposit: Download file HERE
    please send the confirmation by fax: 02-6537924
  • Donate by telephone: 02-6461313
  • To acquire a subscription for the Meir Channel for Children please call: 02-646-1323
  • Regular mail can be sent to: Machon Meir PO Box 34107 Jerusalem 9134002, Israel

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